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Sunday April 17, 2016

"Should I or should I not cut my hair?" This was a recurring concern for me. Since I was 18, I had worn my hair long, but now and then I yearned for a new look. It took time to grow my hair. Cutting it was a huge decision, and it was one that nobody in the family wished to weigh in on. In the strip, Elly Patterson wore her hair long and tied back—the way I did. Readers would often say, "Why doesn’t Elly get a new hairstyle? She looks so old fashioned—so the same!"” The thing is…a comic strip character has to have a certain "look"; a certain sameness so that continuity is kept from year to year. To cut Elly’s hair would have created a major change in the way I drew her (almost as traumatizing as cutting the hair on my head). So, both Elly Patterson and I retained the same look for many years. I did, however, allow myself the fun of changing the way the kids looked. This is all part of the subtle "rule of thumb" which governs the way we draw and perceive the characters in syndicated comics!