Monthly Archives: March 2014

Sunday March 2, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

Our small wartime house on Fifth Street had a wood and coal furnace. Warm air was forced through grates in the floor, and these grates were used for everything from drying socks to warming up Plasticine. Plasticine was (and still is) a superb modelling material with which we played endlessly. Heating the house was costly, so our home was often quite cold. We would play on the floor near one of the floor grates, and the smell of warming Plasticine is something I can still recall. I also remember scraping the melted stuff off the floors and the grates when we’d forgotten to remove it.

In our elementary school, we had those large water-filled metal heaters, shaped like a row of packaged hot dogs. Having used the heating system at home for melting stuff, I was intrigued by the possibilities presented by these heaters! At one end, there was an L-shaped valve, which had a small indentation on the top. This tiny valve was very hot, and interestingly, a wax crayon fit into the indentation perfectly. Within a few days, the classroom heaters had a rainbow of melted wax on one end, and an APB was put out for the guilty party. Due to my already colourful reputation, I was detained posthaste and sent to the principal’s office. Another memory I have is of scraping melted crayon off the heaters at school, a punishment to fit the crime!

Monday March 10, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

I have met many interesting folks on my travels. When I’m travelling alone on a plane, I wonder if I can guess what the person next to me does. If my seatmate and I are both keen to engage in conversation, I discover I am always wrong; I can never guess by looking at another passenger what they are like and what they do for a living. This intrigues me.

Saturday March 15, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

I once met a young Asian doctor on a long flight once. We hit it off well and found ourselves discussing all kinds of personal subjects. One was our parents and how we got along with them. With the promise that we would not exchange last names or contact info, we candidly opened up to each other about everything from inheritance issues to lingering resentments. It was intense. The time went by fast, and by the end of the flight, we had advised, commiserated with, and consoled each other. It was one of the most intimate and compelling discussions I have ever had — and I will never know or meet that amazing young man again!

Saturday March 22, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

This story line was based on the trip I made annually to Winnipeg to attend “Contact.” This event was a venue for performers willing to travel to the north to showcase their talent and to meet the community representatives who would hire them. I was the rep for Lynn Lake. It was my pleasure to hire performers and arrange the various stops on their tours in our area. I have remained friends with a number of wonderful people who were billeted with us when they came to town.

Sunday March 23, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

The real story behind this strip was quite different from what you see here. It began with a dream. I was on a dock on Bowen Island waiting for the ferry to arrive. It came in with a rush of water and a hiss from the engines, and when it pulled in, the hull hit the wooden pilings and the waves pushed it up and down against them, making an awful, rhythmic scraping sound. This became so loud, it woke me up. There I was in bed, with my arm around my husband, and he was snoring … with the same rhythmic, grating sound!

Sunday March 30, 2014

Lynn’s Notes:

I was taught to sew at a very early age. As soon as I could manage a needle and thread, I was darning socks and patching trousers. One of the first “grown-up” gifts I received was a sewing box of my own — into which my mother had put all of the things I would need, including a thimble, which was just my size. I kept the sewing case until it fell apart, and up until a few years ago, I still had the tiny scissors my grandmother used for cutting thread. Sewing has always been something I’ve enjoyed — as long as I didn’t have to follow a pattern or make something fit!